Wineries and Spirits

Carmel Valley

Szalay Winery Hungarian winemaker, great atmosphere and prices. Offers California-produced Tokaji.



Kapcsándy Winery Hungarian winemaker; pricey but excellent quality. 




En Garde Winery Winemaker and proprietor, Csaba Szakal, is a fourth generation winemaker from Hungary. He has a deep passion for Cabernets of high elevation sites in the Napa Valley.



San Francisco and Redwood City

K&L Wines – they have a separate Hungarian section and friendly prices. Order and pay at your computer and pick up the products in the store (locations: San Francisco and Redwood City); shipping to your address is also available.



San Francisco

Blackwells - Carries Zwack cherry pálinka and Kosher plum brandy.



Multiple locations

Whole Foods Carries “5 puttonyos Tokaji Aszú”.

The Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area promotes, shares and educates the public about Hungarian culture, language and art.

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