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Gloria Victis statue


"Gloria Victis" statue, in memory of 1956 (Glory to the Vanquished)
by the artist Olga Rozsa. Dedicated on Oct. 23,1986




A project of the Hungarian Freedom Fighters Federation, Inc. San Francisco Area Chapter  and The Honorable Ernie Konnyu, former Representative in the California State Assembly and the United States Congress and all the San Francisco Bay Area Hungarian organizations and churches.
The statue portrays Hungaria, the Spirit of Hungary, with arms raised to thesky and a kneeling mother who mourns the body of her fallen young. It symbolizes the idea of everlasting hope in spite of defeat.
The statue expresses the aspirations of all people in their hunger for freedom. It is a memorial to all nations defeated by brutal force, whose love of liberty and spirit must stay alive to strive to free themselves again. 
Inscription on the base: "The Magyar spirit shall abide immortal and rise triumphant to redeem mankind."
Statue material: bronze, finished and waxed 
Approximate sizes:
Statue height: 11ft 6in (3.5m)
Statue at the base: 6ft wide (1.8m) 
Marble covered concrete pedesta: 7ft sq (2.1m sq), 2ft high (0.6m)
The Hungarian Heritage Foundation of the San Francisco Bay Area promotes, shares and educates the public about Hungarian culture, language and art.

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